Roberts Stadium

I knew about Roberts Stadium long before I ever set foot inside. As a youngster, I used to read about the EC Aces (it was Evansville College then) and see the newspaper photos of the games, and what looked to be dozens upon dozens of rows upon rows of seating. Later, when my parents were tolerant, or already asleep, I would stay up late when the games were televised on delay, watch in palyers wearing those jerseys with the sleeves (beyond cool). When I finally got to see the Aces play in person, I learned that Roberts Stadium was as big and impressive as it had looked on television.

Evansville hosted rock concerts when few cities in this area did so. Robert Stadium has seen some memorable shows. Frank Sinatra, Elvis less than a year before his death, Ted Nugent comes to mind, on New Year's Eve (was it '76 '77, '78... sometime around then. (blasted middle age; things run together.) More recently Garth Brooks kicked off his nationwide tour. So did Taylor Swift. My personal concert highlight involves ELO in 1977, and a great special effects trick -- bouncing a laser beam from the back of the arena off the bridge of the cello up to a ball suspended in midair.

Over the years, I have had many occassions to visit the stadium, what with basketball, commencements, the boat shows, home shows, car shows, and various radio promotions. It's been a while, though. The last time I remember being there was a "Dress up like KISS and wait on line for the tickets to go on sale" contest for one of our sister stations.

As Roberts Stadium prepares to host its last Aces game this afternoon, I hope we can all note what a treasure it's been. Best thoughts and cool runnings.

Rick Allen