Seriously? I've turned into my mother?

We found this item absolutely fascinating! It seems as a woman, no matter how much you think it will never happen to you, one day you're going to wake up and realize you've turned into your mother! And a new survey has tried to pinpoint exactly when that's going to happen.

Well, the folks at Hallmark surveyed a bunch of people and it turns out that the average age a woman turns into her mother is 32! Seriously?!

The most common sign that you have indeed become your mom is that you find yourself worrying more. When you start stocking up on groceries, that's a tell-tale sign as well. Going to bed earlier these days?  Yup, that's your mom's fault!  Two out of five women also say they've found themselves talking to their children with phrases that their mother used with them.  I don't have any kids, but I DO find myself saying things that sound exactly like my mom.

25% of women say they've accepted that they've turned into their mother. (I'm one of 'em.) 15% say they're actually happy about it, while 17% are not too keen on turning into their mother and plan to fight it tooth and nail until they keel over.

Here's an interesting tidbit from this study.....ONE-THIRD of men also say they've turned into their mothers.  Hmmm.... is that what's known as the "Norman Bates effect?"