Snowball Express 5 Event

I received this letter:

Dear Delilah,

I am writing you because I know where your heart is, and I know if you are able, you will help. Snowball Express is an awesome organization that brings happiness to the children of our fallen heroes since 9/11.

I have had the pleasure of volunteering for this event and I can't tell you how moving it is. Unfortunately there is a problem; this organization does not receive a lot of media support, and in fact many families of fallen loved ones don't even know about it. Many of the families will again miss out on this event due to a lack of public information.

This is much bigger than a few days trip to Dallas; it gives families the chance to meet other families that have lost a parent. It gives the parents a network of support with other families. Words can not describe what this organization provides for these families and the new memories this event creates. We need to get the word out to these families so that they too can become a family member of the SBE.

Also this organization needs support, and what better way to share this information than your show. Delilah, you touch millions of lives with your broadcast, and I could not think of anyone better to share the word about SBE. If you have not heard of this organization I ask you to look at the site:

Snowball Express V Event
Dallas, Texas
December 9-13
See Web site for complete details