Splitting up the chores could spell relationship disaster

We talked about "chore duty" on the show this morning and found out some illuminating information! If you think splitting the chores with your spouse 50-50 is going to make the resentment and inequality in your relationship magically disappear....that may not be the case.

According to a new book called "Spousonomics," couples who divide chores right down the middle can have as many issues as other couples.

It's because not everyone is good at every chore, and certain people hate certain chores more than other people.  So instead of doing the ironing, which you're good at, you HAVE to wash the dishes and walk the dog, and you don't like those.

Those chores take you longer and you miss out on time to do things you really want....and you end up unhappy.  According to the authors, the best plan is to split up the chores based on whoever can do each one quicker.  That way you'll get through them faster and have more time to enjoy as a couple.

To make sure it doesn't end up where one person is better and every chore, and then doing every chore, find the chores where neither of you are particularly skilled and figure out who should learn how to handle it.  Sounds pretty simple, and if you need anything, I'll be busy ironing!