A Spring Break of Firsts

It was a Spring Break of firsts - first ever Spring vacation, first time to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and the first time on any trip in an RV. American RV, in the recreation vehicle business in Evansville for 40 years, set us up with one of their rental units and off we went to the sand and surf of the Gulf Coast. 
My impression? It was, top to bottom, one of the nicest vacations my family has experienced. Being a long-time tent camper, I was a bit skeptical how the whole RV thing would work out for us. Come on?  You call this camping?  Well, suffice it to say that I’m a total convert. (I’ve joked that I liked the RV so much I’m thinking of wearing socks and sandals). 
Here's what I discovered - in an RV, there are elements of camping, sure, but you also have the comfort of a hotel room, and the fun of your patio at home. But unlike a tent, hotel room, or patio, there are also a full kitchen and bathroom.  RVing is a wholly unique experience.  I'm not sure why I'm so surprised by this (and my wife Lora is too) but it's a vacation that we recommend highly, especially for families. 
In the coming days, check in on this blog and I’ll detail for you aspects of an RV that you may be curious about – handling, set-up, gas mileage, price, and more. If you have any questions please email me at djb@wiky.com or if you’d like an expert opinion, check out American RV at http://americanrvcenter.com.  American RV's huge showroom is at 41 and Baseline, a few miles south of I-64.  Take a stroll through the units and imagine the possibilities for your family.