Supermarket Mojo

In our house, Jeff does most of the cooking, which is fine with me.  He's very creative in the kitchen, and like most creative types, he has his "routine" when he goes to the grocery store.  As a matter of fact, whenever we go to the store together, I get accused of stealing his "supermarket mojo."

You see, he has his routine and even does the grocery list to coincide with how the Westside Schnuck's is laid out.  Not me, I just write things down as we need them and go from there.  He will also go to the store not knowing what to cook and he'll "get inspired."  If I go with him when he's in one of these moods, that's when the "mojo stealing" happens.  I wander off, add things as we go and am usually ready to go home before he is, further disrupting his "mojo." 

Who knew there was such machismo to be found in the aisles at Schnucks!  We heard from several listeners on this subject this morning, but my favorite was the lady who called to tell us when she and her husband were first married, they went grocery shopping and he proceeded to want to fill up the cart with canned ravioli, t.v. dinners and all manner of "bachelor food."  All's well that ends well, though as she has successfully re-trained the former bachelor into a much healthier eater!

So, here's to good eating and lots of mojo at the supermarket!