Talk About Divine Intervention

 Sometimes on the morning show, we'll share a story that is simply amazing.  This morning we had one of those stories.  Straight from the news wire, here it is:

 "A 15 month-old baby girl survived a fall from a seventh-floor apartment in Paris almost unscathed after bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a passer-by.

The infant had been playing unsupervised with her four-year-old sister when she somehow fell out the window.

A young man saw the baby starting to fall and alerted his father, who raced to get into position, arms outstretched, to catch her after she hit the awning.

Police say the girl appeared to have no serious injuries and was under observation in a nearby hospital.

The owner of the cafe said it was a stroke of luck he had decided to leave the awning open that afternoon. He normally closes it to keep it from catching fire as people tend to throw their cigarette butts onto it."

From this story I know two things:  1. God really does work in mysterious ways and 2. I want that baby to buy me a lottery ticket!