When are you too old to wear this? The results could surprise you!

So ladies, got a question for you to ponder.  How old is "too old" to wear certain clothes, jewelry or hairstyles? Women across the country were recently polled and the answers might just surprise you. Here are the results:

Bikini---you're too old at age 47

Miniskirt--age 35

Tube Top--age 33

Stilettos--age 51

Belly button ring--35

Knee-high boots--age 47

Leather pants--age 34

Leggings--age 45

UGG boots--age 45

See-through blouse--age 40

One-piece bathing suit--age 61

Long hair--age 53

Ponytail--age 51

Here's my theory.....if you've got the figure to wear a bikini at 47, I say go for it!!  Also, leather pants are never cool and PLEASE don't wear them with a tube top!  EVER.......or the fashion police might just arrest you!!