The WIKY Facebook Page and a post yesterday

Mark Elliott – program director of WIKY Radio here.  Yesterday, a listener (Angie Walker Leslie) posted on the WIKY Facebook page about a news story.  I won’t recap the story here, as it was tragic and very personal for Ms. Leslie. (Click here for a link to the story in the Local News section of this site.)  However, in that post there were some claims about the news story that were not true.  We debated removing the post but thought it best to reply in the comments, which we did. Unfortunately that reply got lost in the multitudes of comments and likes, many of which repeated some of the claims.  Many of those comments asked (some demanded) that we air some sort of correction or apology.  After investigation of both the events and the news story aired, we stand behind that story and feel it was both truthful and appropriate and corrections or apologies are not called for. 

Our goal is to inform with our news and information broadcasts.  If anyone feels that a story is slanted, misrepresents the details of the event or contains inappropriate language, I encourage you to reach out directly to me.  My direct office phone number is (812)433-3243 and my email address is .  I will respond and reply to every inquiry.