WIKY Morning Show Dec. 5th

** Tonight on Fox, it's the American Country Awards . . . not to be confused with the American Country Music Awards. Or the CMT Awards. Here's a message from Fox to help clear things up.


**  Will Ferrell has apparently decided to start doing beer commercials. And not for Budweiser or Coors. He's doing ads for Old Milwaukee. Two ads have popped up on YouTube, and they both take place in Davenport, Iowa. Here's the first one. He's just sitting on a log in jeans and a T-shirt, fishing in the Mississippi River . . . and calls himself a big Hollywood phony.


** The CNN special "A Dinner with the Kings" aired on CNN last night, and it airs again on Thursday. It's Larry King and his wife sitting down to dinner with a bunch of celebrities, including Tyra Banks, Seth MacFarlane, and Russell Brand. And one of the most interesting parts is when Larry reveals that his biggest fear is death . . . and he wants to be cryogenically frozen when he dies.


 ** The Five Most Germ Filled Spots at the Mall

 You'll probably be hitting the mall at least once in the next few weeks.  So here's a list to totally GROSS YOU OUT.  It's the eight most germ-filled spots at the shopping mall, according to "Health" magazine.

 #1.)  The Bathroom Sink.  It's the dirtiest place in the bathroom because it never dries out, which helps bacteria grow.  And after someone uses the toilet, the first thing they touch is the faucet.

 --They also say the soap dispensers are pretty disgusting.  One in four contained unsafe amounts of bacteria.  But since you touch the dispenser right before you wash your hands, it's not as big a deal.

 #2.)  The Tables in the Food Court.  Even if you see an employee wipe it down, there's no way to know how clean the RAG is.  If they've been using the same one all day, the rag itself can spread bacteria like E. coli.

 #3.)  The Escalator Handrails.  If you touch one then touch your face, it's like ASKING to get the flu.  One research group tested escalator handrails, and found E. coli, urine, mucus, feces, and BLOOD.

 #4.)  ATM Keypads.  Researchers in China tested 38 ATMs in a busy city center, and found that each key contained an average of 1,200 germs.  And the dirtiest key was the "Enter" button.

 --The best way to avoid the germs is to use hand sanitizer afterward.  And instead of hitting the buttons with your finger, use your knuckle.  Germs on your fingertips are much more likely to eventually end up in your mouth.

 #5.)  Toy Stores.  Thousands of kids touch thousands of toys, and leave behind millions of germs.  Unfortunately, you can't do much about it while you're in the store . . . other than use hand sanitizer when you leave.