WIKY Morning Show July 1st

WIKY Morning Show July 1, 2011

We’re attempting to solve another Little Mystery on the WIKY Morning Show and you might be able to help.  Here’s the amazing story – 

Thank you SO much for helping us try and solve this mystery!! 

 Sandra was an exchange student from Norway that stayed with my sister's family (in Jasper), the year before last.  

 She flew in for a visit last Thursday, missed the connecting flight from  Chicago to Evansville. They put her on another flight, but didn't have room for 3 passengers' luggage. They were sending it (the luggage) on the next flight from Chicago to EVV, and would deliver it to Jasper yet that night by courier from EVV.  

 The courier delivered the other peoples' luggage in e'ville, and was supposed to be headed to Jasper next.

The next morning, the tag that my sister left on their door was still hanging on the door and no luggage..... 

 She called the airport and found out the courier had pulled out from Hillsdale Road onto 41 north approx. 9:15 Thursday night into the path of a semi. The driver was taken to the hospital (in i.c.u.).  

 My sister and Sandra (the exchange student) went Friday to the airport, the sheriff's dept, the McCutcheonville fire station and to the accident site. They looked all over the place, including the little creek that had about 1 foot or less of water in it. (There have been people there looking for it 2 more times since Friday afternoon...but, NO SIGN of the luggage! 

 We kept thinking someone may have found it and contacted the airport, the police, or someone and they would contact us. No news. She had all of her clothes she'd need for a 2 week visit in that suitcase!!! 

 It is a black bag with red white and blue ribbons on it (also Norway's colors); and an American Airlines luggage tag. In the side pocket it has her contact number and address in it (her address in Norway and her cell number. She does have her phone, so if someone found it, they could call that number and reach her.) 

 On a side note, my niece works at one of the stores in the mall, and one of the girls she works with drove by the accident that night....said there were lots of people standing around, maybe someone that was there saw something...?? 

Beth Underwood

 If you know anything about the missing suitcase, contact us at djb@wiky.com  or diane@wiky.com and we’ll hook you up.  Thanks!

**Diane had 4th of July tips for your dog –

Independence Day is a loud holiday, which means it's not great for dogs.  So here's a quick list of four tips to keep your dog happy and safe this Fourth of July. 

 #1.)  Make Sure Your Dog Is Wearing Its Collar.  This is the most important one, because if it gets spooked by fireworks, it might run away.  So make sure the collar is on, and the tags have the right contact info. 

 #2.)  Keep Your Dog in a Quiet Room.  If it really starts freaking out, draw the blinds, and turn on the TV or the radio to drown out the noise. 

 #3.)  Don't Console Your Dog If It Gets Scared.  It seems weird, but most dog experts agree that if you comfort your dog when it's scared, it reinforces the idea that it SHOULD be scared. 

 --You're supposed to just ignore the barking, and hopefully it'll calm down. 

 #4.)  Don't Bring Your Dog to a Fireworks Show.  They usually take place at parks or next to a body of water. . . which are two places you might NORMALLY bring your dog. 

 --But don't do it on the Fourth of July, because if he gets scared and runs off in an area he doesn't know, it's an even bigger headache.  And you also have to worry about all the traffic.

**The WIKY Morning Show’s Extortion Breakfast, a service of Old National Bank, welcomed the folks from National Night Out.  It’s a free party at three parks, Akin, Lorraine, and Garvin, on August 2, 2011.  It gets underway at 6 with free food, drinks, and fun games and prizes for the entire family.

National Night Out is an evening set aside every year so that the community and the police can get to know each other a little better in a fun, friendly environment and take back the night from crime.  It’s been a very effective program for nearly 30 years and the National Night Out in Evansville has been recognized as one of the nation’s best.  Read more http://www.nationaltownwatch.org/nno/

During the event, they Hilltop Neighborhood Association will be giving away stuffed animals as prizes for the kids, so if you have some extra stuffed animals you'd like to donate, call Carolyn Stagg at 812-491-3627 for all the info you need!

**Our friend Gene Whorl dropped by to let us know that he and his pals are providing BBQ pork, ribs, and butts at the CVS on Red Bank and 62 Saturday, July 2, from 10-6.  All proceeds benefit Easter Seals.

**And, we knew it was coming, but get set –

OWENSBORO, KY (July 1, 2011) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is urging commuters who regularly travel the KY 2155 Ohio River Bridge in downtown Owensboro to think ahead and make plans now for an alternate route before the bridge closes to all traffic Tuesday morning.  A contractor plans to close the Blue Bridge promptly at 6:00 a.m. on July 5, 2011, to allow reconstruction of a major portion of the bridge deck.

Culture Quiz for today:

Question: In professions that produce headaches, #1 is accountants.  What's #2?

Answer:  Librarians!

Winner:  Angie Mattingly Mattingly of Newburgh, IN!