WIKY Morning Show July 8th


WIKY Morning Show July 8, 2011

**Huge story out of the UK this morning where News Corp suddenly shut down The Weekly News of the World, the UK’s #1 Sunday tabloid because of scandal involving the paper and the hacking of cell phone messages.  Read more here - 


**The EVSC/PEF Summer Musical this year is Sueussical the Musical, a fun and music filled production for the whole family.  These kids work all summer to put this on and the results are always amazing.  We welcomed Amy Walker of the Public Education Foundation and members of the cast joined us for our Extortion Breakfast this morning, brought to you by Old National Bank.  The play opens at the Centre Thursday.

Ticket info and show times here – 


**Remember this story?  It happened last year here in Evansville and a resolution was finally found at the Indiana Court of Appeals in Indianapolis.  Here’s the story –

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indiana department store was not justified in firing an employee accused of stealing hot dogs after a company picnic, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

The case involved an Evansville man appealing the denial of unemployment benefits.

Nolan Koewler was fired from the Dillard's department store in Evansville in July 2010.

The store hosted a cookout for employees on July 4, 2010, including hamburgers and hot dogs purchased by the company.

After the cookout, a dock manager ordered the leftovers put in a break room freezer for storage, to be saved for Labor Day.

Koewler claimed he never heard that instruction, and the next day, took two hot dogs from the refrigerator and ate them.

A store manager reviewed surveillance footage of the incident, and called police to the store.

Koewler said the manager told him he would either have to sign a statement that he stole the hot dogs or spend the night in jail. He signed the statement and was then fired.

In a unanimous ruling, the three-judge panel found there was no evidence Koewler heard the instructions about saving the food for Labor Day.

The judges also noted that the hot dogs were found in the refrigerator, and not in the freezer.

The ruling makes Koewler eligible for unemployment benefits but does not indicate the amount of money involved.


**Charlotte Roessner of the Mesker Park Zoo dropped by to tell us all about the big birthday bash going on tomorrow at the zoo for Donna the hippo’s 60th birthday!  Donna is the oldest Nile Hippo in captivity and is a year away from setting the all time record for a Nile Hippo.  Donna has been at Mesker Park since 1956.  Tons of activities for the whole family tomorrow from 10-3 with the birthday party for Donna starting at 1.  Donna gets a 5 gallon popsicle, humans get birthday cake.  Regular zoo admission for the festivities. 

Read more here - http://www.meskerparkzoo.com/


**-In a somewhat surprising turn of events . . . if anything is still surprising when it comes to soap operas . . . "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" have been brought back from the dead.

 --Yesterday, ABC announced that they've licensed both soaps to a production company, which is planning to allow the shows to continue . . . on the Internet.

 --The company has worked out a "multi-year, multi-platform" deal to produce both shows for either online streaming, or to be viewed on the emerging line of TVs that are equipped to handle video from the Internet.

 --There are still some unanswered questions though.

 --First off, it's unclear when the online episodes might begin.  The final televised episode of "All My Children" will air on September 23rd, and "One Life to Live" will leave TV sometime in January.

 --It's also unclear how many of the actors are onboard for the transition, especially for the bigger stars like SUSAN LUCCI.  It's not just a question of their willingness to move from TV to the Internet . . . it's also that they may be too expensive to retain.

 --But for what it's worth, a rep from the production company says they're aiming to preserve the, quote, "same quality, format and length" that the soaps had on TV. 

**-We also heard back from our friend Beth Underwood who had emailed us about the lost suitcase last week.  A family friend had come to visit and had missed one of her connecting flights to Evansville, so the airline had to put her luggage on a later flight. The courier who was transporting the luggage to Jasper the following day was involved in a pretty serious accident on Highway 41 and the luggage was nowhere to be found at the crash site.  Anyway, she emailed us to let us know that they had gone back to the accident site and perused a much bigger area, and guess what.....they found the suitcase!