WIKY Morning Show for May 9th

** Mother's Day is this Sunday, so we were talking about some of the best and worst Mother's Day gifts you've either given or received.  We heard from some listeners with some hilarious gifts, including frozen onion rings, a gift certificate to an exercise program and a pot holder set from her "EX husband!" One listener said she just got tickets to Blue Man Group and is very pleased.

**  Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers made major league history last night when he hit four home runs in a single game! He's only the 16th player in major league history to do this. Some of the other greats include Willie Mays and Mike Schmidt.  Diane's dad, Marty called and said that Gil Hodges of the Brooklyn Dodgers also did it. (He was Marty's childhood hero). Gil Hodges was also a native of Southern Indiana, having been born in Princeton and raised in Petersburg, IN.

** We chatted with Sydney Hardgrave and Andrea Chambers from Holly's House about their big party coming up.  Here's all the info for you:  It's called Hats Off to Holly's House, a benefit dinner party and auction being held on Friday, May 18th at the Old Post Office.  It costs $25 bucks a person or $200 for a table of 8.  For tickets, you can call 812-437-7233 or http://www.hollyshouse.org

** There's a study out of Yale University that lists the Top 20 Most Recognizable Smells in the World and the list was surprising, to say the least!  Here it is:

1.  Coffee
2.  Peanut Butter
3.  Vicks Vapo Rub
4.  Chocolate
5.  Wintergreen Oil
6.  Baby Powder
7.  Cigarette Butts
8.  Mothballs
9.  Dry Cat Food
10.  Beer
11.  Ivory Bar Soap
12.  Juicy Fruit Gum
13.  Orange
14.  Cinnamon
15.  Lemon
16.  Tuna
17.  Banana
18.  Crayons
19.  Cheese
20.  Bleach

Culture Quiz Question

Coffee is the most recognized smell in America.  What's #2?

Peanut Butter!