WIKY Morning Show Nov. 28th

** Lauren Alaina, who was the runner-up last year on "American Idol," sang the National Anthem at the Packers/Lions game on Thanksgiving.  Trouble was, she forgot the lyrics and had an extremely uncomfortable pause at the beginning. Poor girl, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  She recovered, and ended up finishing strong.  Listen to it here:


** We have a celebrity obit to let you know about.  If you danced to the 1976 hit "More, More, More (How Do You Like It)" by the Andrea True Connection, you'll remember this.  Andrea True, the adult film star turned singer passed away over the weekend of heart failure.  She was 68.  You can hear some of this disco classic here:


** The people who think Natalie Wood was murdered say she never would have tried to get off the boat by herself, because she was terrified of the water. Here's an interview with her from a few years before she drowned . . . where she talks about being traumatized on a movie set, because a director threw her in the ocean.


** This Thanksgiving, we proudly salute the inventor of the gravy boat.