WIKY Morning Show Nov. 4th


** The Michael Jackson jury starts its deliberation process today. The closing arguments were yesterday. Here's some of what the prosecution said. The prosecutor told the jury that Michael Jackson's children have no father because of Dr. Conrad Murray.


**Yesterday, Kris Jenner upset Native Americans when she used the phrase "Indian Giver" on "Good Morning America."  She was talking about whether or not her daughter Kim Kardashian should give the engagement ring back.


** Here's a report that says Keith Urban is planning to have surgery on his vocal chords this month. But he'll still perform at the CMA's next week.


** This explains why Lindsay Lohan has turned into a complete trainwreck! Her mother, Dina Lohan told "The Insider" that Lindsay's "Playboy" spread will be, quote, "tastefully done." Adding that Lindsay is, quote, "great with the camera."


** We don't know ANYONE who takes their Facebook friends THIS seriously.  I mean . . . if someone defriends you, you can always just quickly grab another long lost acquaintance to take their place.

 30-year-old Jennifer Christine Harris of Des Moines, Iowa does NOT see it that way.

 Last week, she BURNED DOWN another woman's house . . . because that woman defriended her on Facebook.

 On October 27th, around 1:00 A.M., Jim and Nikki Rasmussen of Des Moines heard some strange popping sounds.  They woke up to find their house on fire.  As the siding melted off and the roof of the garage collapsed, they got out safely.

 When the police asked them what had happened, Nikki immediately told them it was Jennifer.  She said they were friends, but have been fighting . . . and that day, Nikki had defriended Jennifer.

 Apparently, Jennifer asked Nikki to create an invitation for a party on Facebook.  But as the party got closer, a lot of people were declining.  Jennifer blamed Nikki.  Things spiraled from there, leading to the defriending . . . and then the fire.

 Jennifer was arrested for first-degree arson.  Check out the mugshot!


** It's official:  The 23rd James Bond movie will be called "Skyfall" . . . and DANIEL CRAIG will play 007 for the third time.  JAVIER BARDEM is playing the villain, and BERENICE MARLOHE and NAOMIE HARRIS are your new Bond girls.  Berenice is a French actress / model and this will be her first American film.  You know Naomie as Tia Dalma in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.


On the Extortion Breakfast, we welcomed The Junior League of Evansville to talk about their big rummage sale.  It takes place at the National Guard Armory next weekend!  Friday, Nov. 11th, the hours are 5 to 8 p.m.  Saturday, Nov. 12th, the hours are 7 a.m. until noon.  We always say how the food from the Junior League is awesome, but their presentation is amazing as well!

Culture Quiz for today:

Question: According to a recent survey, the sports cliche that people are most sick of is, "we'll take it one game at a time."  What's #2?

Answer:  "We'll take it to the next level!"

Winner:  Stacie Nichols of Evansville, IN