WIKY Morning Show Nov. 9th

** Sugarland was supposed to go onstage right before it collapsed under high wind at the Indiana State Fair this summer. The accident killed seven people. Jennifer Nettles told Robin Roberts what SHE experienced that day. Jennifer Nettles also said she cried when she learned some of her fans lost their lives in the accident.


** Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy over Twitter last week. But last night on "Access Hollywood," she talked about how SHE found out. She said she was about to go away with some friends, and she wanted to make sure it was okay to drink. So she got a pregnancy test.  Jessica Simpson also said she and boyfriend Eric Johnson are getting married after the baby is born, because if she tries to plan a wedding while she's pregnant, she'll be a, quote, "bridezilla."

 http://wiky.com/content/jessica-simpson-pregnant   ** So, who got the boot last night on "Dancing With the Stars?"  It was down to Rob Kardashian (the family we can't get rid of) and Nancy Grace. http://wiky.com/content/nancy-grace-eliminated    ** Hip-Hop and Rap music legend Heavy D. collapsed and died at his Hollywood home yesterday.  He was 44.  Here's the report from Fox News. http://wiky.com/content/heavy-d-dies  Diane loved his hit "Now That We Found Love" from back in the day......here's a clip for your enjoyment! http://wiky.com/content/now-we-found-love  She also talked about going clubbing with her friend Terri and that they would dance to this song, among others.  Here's a picture of Diane and her buddy Terri from New Year's Eve....1990 into 1991! It's classic!    

** Most people accept the majority of Friend Requests they get on Facebook, which is fine if you don't care about random people knowing everything you do.

But there are SOME Friend Requests you should think twice about. Here's a list from Gawker of four groups of people you might not want to be friends with on Facebook.

#1.) Your Coworkers. It depends on who it is. If it's your best friend at work, obviously it's fine. But if it's a Friend Request from the office GOSSIP, you might want to ignore it.

If it's your BOSS, it gets tricky because you feel like you HAVE to accept it. But the best thing might be to just click the "Not Now" button and forget about it. And if your boss ever brings it up again, just play dumb.

If you DO accept it, just make sure you exclude your boss from any posts you don't want him to see.

Here's one way to do it: In the box where you post things, there's a drop-down menu that says "Friends". If you go to "Custom," it lets you hide the post from any friend, or a whole group of friends.

#2.) Your Parents. If it's a Friend Request from your mom or dad, Gawker says you HAVE to accept it. But the downside is always having to worry about what you post, AND what your friends post.

For example, if your friend posts a crazy New Year's Eve picture where you're chugging champagne or smoking a cigarette, you might not want your parents to see it.  And since families like to gossip, you have to think about the same thing with other family members too.


#3.) Your Kids. If they're under 18, you should definitely keep an eye on what they're doing, and who they're talking to online.

And being friends with them on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to do that. But since they can exclude you from their posts, it's obviously not foolproof.

Plus, the thing some parents forget about is that their kids see everything THEY post too. And you don't want your 15-year-old seeing pictures of YOU smoking or chugging champagne either.

#4.) Your Exes. It's usually a bad idea, no matter how long ago you broke up. If you JUST split up, being friends on Facebook makes it harder to move on. Plus, you probably won't want to see pictures of them having fun without you.  But it's also not a good idea, even if you broke up years ago . . . because the NEXT person you date will almost definitely have a problem with it.

** Yesterday morning on the "Today" show, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from the TV show "19 Kids and Counting" announced they're expecting their 20th child.  No, you are not seeing things.....they are expecting their 20th child!!  It baffles the mind just thinking about it.



**  And, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier came within 200,000 miles of hitting Earth last night. At one point, it was closer than the Moon. Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with this story on his show last night.