WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 12th


WIKY Morning Show August 12, 2011

**We welcomed the United Way of Southwest Indiana live in studio this morning for our Extortion Breakfast, brought to you by Old National Bank.  Joining us were Pat Hughes, the Director of Development, Gretchen Ross, their Assistant Director of Development and Mike Blake  of 14WFIE, a United Way volunteer. 

United Way's mission is to mobilize the caring power of communities.  United Way of Southwestern Indiana is advancing the common good by focusing on the building blocks of a good life for all - Education, Income and Health. We invest in programs within these areas that create lasting change in our community.  You LIVE UNITED when you give, advocate and volunteer with United Way.


Day of Caring/Campaign Kickoff

Friday, September 9, 2011

Starts 7:00 a.m. at the Centre, Downtown Evansville

Free breakfast and t-shirt for volunteers!

Register online at www.unitedwayswi.org or by dialing 2-1-1


**Death, taxes, and fighting with your spouse in the car.  Universal absolutes.  ALL couples get into fights in the car.  Even those obnoxious couples who swear they never fight and live their entire lives like a Disney fairytale . . . you know they've screamed at each other in the car at some point.  Driving stresses people out. 


A new survey asked couples for the MAIN cause of their fights in the car.  And here are the top eight responses, in order: 


#1.)  Speeding, which was picked by 23% of the people in the survey 


#2.)  Getting lost, 18% 


#3.)  Tailgating, 13% 


#4.)  Being too aggressive, 12% 


#5.)  Bad parking, 5% 


#6.)  Bad radio selections . . . Like listening to any station other than this one, 4.7% 


#7.)  Driving too slowly, 4.6% 


#8.)  The kids fighting in the back, 4% 


(--The remaining 16% picked 'none of the above.')


** Earlier this week in Monte Carlo, Monaco, a woman was driving her $403,000 Bentley Azure when she lost control.  Her name wasn't released . . . she's only been described as "blonde." 


And after she lost control, here's what happened . . . 


Her Bentley scraped the side of a $121,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class . . . 


She bounced off and plowed into a $231,000 Ferrari F430. . .  


She crashed from there into a $242,000 Aston Martin Rapide . . . 


And finally came to a stop as she rammed a $129,000 Porsche 911. 


All five cars came to a standstill as things got sorted out.  Tons of tourists gathered around to take photos. 


The total value of the five cars involved in the pile-up is $1,126,000.  Most of the cars will need replacement bumpers . . . and the early estimate on the repairs is over $160,000. 


Here are a couple of pics –


** The Evansville Shakespeare Players will launch their inaugural production of The Tempest this weekend.  The performances are FREE to the public, and will be this Friday and Saturday @ 6:30pm, and Sunday @ 4:30pm at the Pagoda in Downtown Evansville.  You’re encouraged to bring lawn chairs, umbrellas/sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of water. The performance will last approximately two hours. The Tempest is Shakespeare's final masterpiece and the plot centers around a magician who causes a shipwreck in order to exact his revenge on the plotters who threw him out of his kingdom.

****It’s Riley Hospital for Children Month at WIKY, celebrating 10 years of radiothons for the hospital that cares for thousands of Tri-state kids every year.  New feature this year is FirstGiving, a great way to get a team together to donate to Riley.  You can even coordinate donations in the name of a Riley kid in your family.  All the details on the Riley page at wiky.com and be sure to check out DJB and Diane’s team giving pages at firstgiving.com or on Facebook. 

**Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway –  The latest estimates show about 2% of retail stores nationally have this in common, what?  They’re selling Christmas stuff August

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