WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 25th


**Special Thursday edition of the Extortion Breakfast this morning on the WIKY Morning Show, we welcomed the St Wendel Knights of St John for their “Extortion Breakfast Gone Wild!” extravaganza.   The Knights were here to tell us about their big fund raising concert Saturday night with Kraftworks at their place in St Wendel (11714 Winery Road).  Doors open at 6, band is on 8 – midnight.  Just $10 and benefits the Make a Wish Foundation.  Have to be 21 because adult beverages will be served.

Here are some pics of the big breakfast this morning out in front of stately Wayne Manor –

**Actress Carrie Fisher has lost 50 pounds as part of her new role of spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and we think that is just great!! Carrie unveiled her new look on the Today Show.  However, Diane also noticed that she may have had some work done on her face.  Here’s her picture from yesterday’s Today Show…your call –

**Speaking of Star Wars, complete and utter nonsense, Ask Vader is a feature where you can ask Darth a question, ala the magic 8 Ball, and he gives you an answer.  Check it out –


**Friday morning, the WIKY Morning Show is on location at Old National Bank downtown Evansville for our 10th annual Radiothon for Riley Hospital for Children.  DJB and Diane will be broadcasting live from 6am – 6pm and asking for your donation.  Details at wiky.com.

**Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway –  10% of couples briefly consider holding their wedding here but almost always change their minds…where?  Where they met!

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