WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 29th


**We chatted with Byron Douglas, meteorologist at 14WFIE about Hurricane Irene –

#1.)  After all the hype, Hurricane Irene wasn't quite as DEVASTATING as the media had us expecting.  There was flooding and at least $3 BILLION in damage . . . but this wasn't exactly "Katrina meets Manhattan." 

 #2.)  So far, 21 deaths have been reported up and down the East Coast.  Many have been from people swept away in the flood, or falling trees landing on homes.  Some trees also landed on power lines, which caused fires and electrocutions. 

 There were also deaths like the man in North Carolina who had a heart attack putting up plywood before the storm . . . and a man in Pennsylvania who was camping in a tent and was crushed by a falling tree. 

 Not to minimize the deaths, because each one is obviously tragic . . . but the hurricane could've been MUCH more devastating. 

 #3.)  The three major New York-area airports are reopening today.  Almost 10,000 flights were canceled . . . and there will be HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people looking to get rebooked on new flights. 

 #4.)  Yesterday, Irene was downgraded from Hurricane Irene to Tropical Storm Irene, and then late last night was downgraded again.  So the worst SHOULD be over. 

 That being said . . . there's still a ton of damage in its wake, widespread flooding, and millions who could be without power for weeks to come.

 **Big shout out and hardy handshake to the Memorial High School Girls Golf team for bagging the city championship.  Special kudos to Kaylee Huelsing with the lowest individual score of 81 at Helfrich Hills, a difficult course.  Congrats!

**We discussed going to the movies this morning after we found a report from a chain of theatres in St Louis have banned cell phone us in their theatres.  Violate the policy and they’ll show you the door, no refund.  It’s said to be the first of its kind in the nation.  Not so fast, says our friend Diane from Showplace Cinemas here in Evansville.  Diane says Showplace has had the same policy in force for just over a year. Showplace reports few problems with the policy and says that everyone has cooperated with few incidences. 

**According to a study commissioned by Ford, 40% of car buyers say they'd actually walk out of a dealership if it didn't have the car in the color they wanted.

The survey also found . . . 

 Silver is still the most popular car color.  It's followed by black, blue, red, white, green, gold, and orange.  And one in nine people has a color other than those listed. 

People are more likely to choose an unconventional color . . . like orange . . . when they hit middle age. 

 Women are more likely than men to buy a red car, and men are more likely than women to buy a black car. 

 Single people and rich people are also more likely to buy black cars. 

 They didn't find any connection between car color and theft rates. 

 In Turkey, the most popular color is white . . . in France and Italy it's cream . . . in Norway, Portugal, Germany, and Russia it's black . . . and in the Czech Republic it's blue.   

**Also, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your incredible generosity during our 10th Annual Radiothon for Riley Hospital for Children! In 10 years, we've raised over $800,000 to support the efforts of Riley Hospital.  During the Radiothon last year, we weren't sure if Clare Scheller was even going to survive. What a difference a year makes, as Clare is doing really well; she is going to USI and her prognosis is excellent!  She stopped by the Radiothon to visit with us:


**Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway, 75% say they wished they had enough money to afford this...afford what?  A full-time housekeeper!

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