WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 31st

If you won the lottery, would you still use coupons?

Whether you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, or you've got $10 MILLION in the bank, if you've got a coupon for free curly fries with the purchase of two Beef 'N Cheddars, you're gonna use it. 


According to a great new survey, 96% of Americans say that if they won the lottery, they would STILL use coupons. 


Everyone agreed . . . whether they currently make $20,000-a-year or whether they currently make over $150,000. 


Here are a few other findings from the survey . . . 


Newspapers are still the biggest source for coupons.  76% of people get coupons from the paper . . . 59% get them from emails . . . and 33% from web searches. 


With the rise of Groupon and the other daily deals sites, there's been a HUGE rise in the number of people who get coupon alerts through email.  In 2010 it was 29%, this year it's more than DOUBLE THAT at 59%. 


92% of people use coupons for everyday needs and products . . . 45% use them for dining out . . . 38% for clothing . . . and 35% for cosmetics and beauty products.


**In a related story - last week, someone put a winning scratch-off lottery ticket in the collection plate at the Cathedral of Prayer church in Columbus, Georgia.  No one knows who. 

And the ticket was an $80,000 winner. 


Gloria Rodgers handles the finances for the church.  She says that they took it down to the local Georgia lottery office and claimed the ticket over the weekend.   



 She also says that they've received winning lottery tickets before, but this is the biggest one. 


And it came at a good time.  Three weeks ago, some burglars broke into the church and stole some copper wire . . . which knocked out their air conditioning.  With this donation, the church can get it fixed. 


(Atlanta Journal Constitution)



**We solved a Little Mystery this morning.  Every morning, a listener passes by all of the construction activity in the area of Epworth Road and the Lloyd on the East Side.  What are they building?  It was driving her crazy so she called the WIKY Morning Show, presented the question and we heard from a lady who actually works on the project.  It’s an extension of a county road that will eventually go clear through to Libbert.  Both Deaconess and St Mary’s have purchased property and the new name of the road will be Wellness Way, a series of health offices and buildings.  Now you know.


**On Monday morning, 78-year-old Clyde White of Corbin, Kentucky got into some kind of argument with his two older siblings . . . 82-year-old Lawrence White and 83-year-old Dorothy Whitaker.

Lawrence and Dorothy hopped in a blue van and took off . . . and Clyde started chasing them in a white van.  They got on Interstate 75, and the chase got so intense that their speeds clocked in at more than 100 miles-per-hour. 


Clyde rammed his car into his siblings several times.  He ultimately forced them off the road and they hit a DirecTV van.  The driver of that van wasn't hurt, but Lawrence and Dorothy were . . . and were flown to a hospital for medical attention. 


Meanwhile Clyde rammed into a tractor trailer, and then tried to run away on foot.  Police quickly caught up with him. 


Clyde is facing two counts of ATTEMPTED MURDER and two counts of wanton endangerment.   


We just want to know what in the world STARTED this argument. 


(Lexington Herald-Leader)


**Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway – 1 in 3 of us forgot to do this today.  Forgot to do what?  Put on deodorant!

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