WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 12th


WIKY Morning Show July 12, 2011

**A huge baby was born in Texas.  Here’s the story –

On Friday, Janet Johnson of Longview, Texas gave birth to the biggest baby in Texas history.  He's a baby boy who came out two feet tall . . . and SIXTEEN POUNDS.  The average baby weighs about seven-and-a-half pounds, or less than HALF of what Janet's baby weighed.

 Her baby's name is JaMichael Brown. Right now he's under observation because there are some potential health problems for babies that big.  They can have high blood sugar at birth which makes them more prone to diabetes.  But otherwise, he's a totally healthy baby. And because you're curious, yes, he was delivered via C-section. 

 The world record for the largest baby is 23 pounds, 12 ounces.  Here's a picture of JaMichael.



**Derrick Jeter of the New York Yankees hit his 3000th career hit last weekend and the guy who caught the ball in the stands gave it back to Jeter with no expectations even though the ball is worth a fortune to collectors.  Diane thinks the kid did the right thing.  DJB thinks the kid did the right thing but it’s obvious he’s not real bright.  When opportunity knocks, you have to at least answer the door!  Read more here –


** One of the big stories here in the Tri-State is the extreme heat that is gripping the region.  One would think it would be a good idea to take the kids to the water park. We spent a minute inside a woman's head.....at the water park! Click below to listen.



**Diane found this study interesting –

A study found that hypoallergenic dogs shed just as many allergy-causing particles as regular dogs.   

 In other words, allergic people who buy breeds like Bichon Frises, poodles, and PRESIDENT OBAMA'S Portuguese Water Dog . . . are no better off than if they'd bought a beagle or a mutt.   

 Dr. Christine Cole Johnson of Henry Ford Hospital took dust samples from 173 homes, including 11 different hypoallergenic breeds and 49 regular dog breeds. 

Almost all of them tested positive for levels of Canis Familiaris 1, which is the protein that causes some people to have an allergic reaction.   

The study found no difference in Canis Familiaris 1 levels between purebred hypoallergenic dogs, mixed-breed hypoallergenic dogs, and non-hypoallergenic dogs. 

 Dr. Johnson summed things up by saying, quote, "The idea that you can buy a certain breed of dog and think it will cause less allergy problems for [an allergic person] is not borne out by our study."   


 **Interesting topic this morning centered around a world-wide survey on space aliens living among us.

 According to a worldwide poll, one out of FIVE people, or 20%, believe that there are ALIENS on Earth, disguised as people. 

 22% of men believe there are aliens among us, versus 17% of women.  People 35 and under are most likely to believe . . . people over 55 are least likely. 

 On a country-by-country basis, INDIA has the highest belief rate.  45% of Indians believe there are aliens on Earth.  They're followed by 42% of Chinese, 29% of Japanese, and 27% of South Koreans.

 While the Asian countries are big believers, the European countries are the biggest doubters. 

 Only 8% of people in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden believe there are aliens on Earth.  France was next-most skeptical, at 9%. 

 About 24% of people in the U.S., or ONE OUT OF FOUR of us, believe there are aliens disguised as people.

 One WIKY listener, a nurse, told us about a patient she had years ago who suffered from oily blood.  Got to be alien, right?  Another was convinced that aliens live among us and you can see them every night at any Wal-Mart!


**What’s America’s fave pizza toppings?

According to a new survey by Boboli, here's the status of pizza in the U.S. today.

America's favorite pizza topping is . . . exactly what you'd think America's favorite pizza topping is:  Pepperoni.  The next three most popular toppings are all vegetables though:  Mushrooms, onions, and peppers.


43% of Americans say the CRUST is the most important part of determining how a pizza tastes.  That's followed by sauce, toppings, and cheese. 


Only 22% of people say that the more toppings, the better . . . the rest of us show more restraint. 


So the second part of the question – what’s the best pizza in Evansville?  Turoni’s pops up a lot, Kiplee’s, too, and Smitty’s.  Others included Pizza Chef, Donuts and Pizza, Greek Pizza, and Papa Murphy’s garlic chicken pizza.  Got a personal favorite?  Let us know!  djb@wiky.com or diane@wiky.com