WIKY Morning Show Re-cap for June 14th

WIKY Morning Show Re-cap for June 14, 2011

** Yesterday, the governor of Ohio proclaimed the Dallas Mavericks honorary Ohioans because they beat LaBron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA championship.  Pretty childish. Even Diane thought so and she used to live in Cleveland when she was a kid!

** Today is Flag Day and we talked about how difficult it can be sometimes to find an American flag actually made in the USA!

** With the vintage aircraft in the Tri-state skies during the Shrinersfest last weekend, a story out of Illinois about a restored WW II B-17 Flying Fortress bomber that made an emergency landing in a cornfield west of Chicago and burst into flames.  It was one of only 13 B-17s still flying.

** We shared a report that a treasure hunter, Bill Warren, is going to try to locate Osama Bin Laden’s body in the Indian Ocean.  Why?  To make sure he’s dead, says Warren. To which we say: CREEPY!!

** Been swimsuit shopping?  Diane found a surprising survey about women and swim wear.  In a new survey by "ShopSmart" magazine, only 18% of women, or less than one in five, say they DISLIKE the way they look in a swimsuit. 

 One out of three women LIKE the way they look in a swimsuit, and about two out of five are neutral. 

 All that being said, 65% say that bathing suit shopping is tough and finding one that flatters their body is a challenge.  About one-third of women buy a new suit each year.

 ** PetMD just released the results of a poll of more than 1,500 pet owners in the U.S.  And their big finding is that in a divorce, 90% of people say they'd fight harder for their pets than for money. 

 Here are some more findings from the survey . . .   

 --66% say they wouldn't vote for a presidential candidate who doesn't like pets.  

 --60% would refuse to date someone who doesn't like pets.  

 --Only 2% say it's better for kids to grow up without pets.  

 --If they could only be friends with one living being, 73% would choose their pet over a human.  

 --When it comes to . . . and I hate that this sounds like a pun . . . pet peeves, 50% of owners say they wish their pet could brush its own teeth.  40% wish the pet could clean up after itself.  And 25% of us have tasted our pets’ food!

 Listener response – Jen said, I have 2 dogs, a Chihuahua and a cocker spaniel, and for special treats I buy them the 'gourmet' treats... the ones with icing. I had bought some for Christmas, and my longtime boyfriend at the time, decided he wanted to test them. So he ate a bite and said it tasted like peanut butter cookies! I thought, well no wonder my pups like them so much!

 Teresa said, We’re crazy about our dog copper. But this is funny, I was sick in bed and my husband was in the recliner with copper on his lap. I was half asleep. My husband says I don't know which one of us would miss the other the worst if something would happen to one of us. I rolled over and said, how sweet! He said I was talking to the dog!!!  As they say "and that’s how the fight started.'

 Carolyn said, My daughter lives and Illinois and came to visit.  When she came I let her in and was in the middle of feeding my dog.  I forgot what I was doing and sat down to talk to her and my granddaughter.  About 30 minutes later I heard her yelling in the kitchen, “Mom something is wrong with your coco puffs!” I told her think of the money I could have saved! My granddaughter and I thought it was a lot funnier than she did.

 We welcomed Jerry Clewlow live in studio and he gave us info on an event that DJB and Diane are emceeing at Cambridge Golf Course on June 24 thanking Indiana employers for their support of citizen soldiers, the National Guard and Reserve who currently make up 50% of America’s fighting force.  Want to get involved?  Need more info?  INESGR.org.

Culture Quiz for today:  The first one costs on average, $104. What? 

Answer: A first date!

Winner: Wayne Kellan of Henderson, KY!  He wins a breakfast combo from Subway and 2 tix to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari!