WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap June 24th

WIKY Morning Show June 24, 2011

** Every year, the website 24/7 Wall Street compiles a list of brands that are about to go extinct.  Sometimes they're a little off . . . last year they predicted the end of BP and Kia Motors.  On the other hand, they accurately called the demise of T-Mobile, Blockbuster, and the car rental company Dollar Thrifty, which is barely hanging on.  Here are their predictions for the ten brands that'll go extinct NEXT year, or within the next 18 months.

 The list is based on a bunch of things, including:  A fall-off in sales . . . steep losses . . . worrying disclosures from the parent company . . . rising costs . . . companies getting sold . . . and bankruptcy.  

 #1.)  Sony Pictures . . . It used to be Columbia Tri-Star Pictures, and they'll probably sell it.  

 #2.)  A&W . . . The root beer will survive, thank god, but the restaurants can't compete. 

 #3.)  Saab . . . Do you know anyone who still drives one? 

 #4.)  American Apparel . . . They expanded too fast, and their founder's a defendant in a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits. 

 #5.)  Sears . . . The failed merger of Sears and K-Mart means one brand has to go. 

 #6.)  Sony Ericsson . . . It'll probably be folded into Sony. 

 #7.)  Kellogg's Corn Pops . . . Breakfast got healthier.  And Corn Pops ain't it. 

 #8.)  MySpace . . . Who? 

 #9.)  Soap Opera Digest . . . Well, there aren't any more soaps.  So . . .  

 #10.)  Nokia   

** We’ve been getting a lot of interest in the big Joplin pet adoption event.  There are hundreds of pets that survived the killer tornado in Joplin, Missouri a few weeks ago and Humane Societies of Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Posey counties are coordinating the effort. Once the adopt-a-thon happens in the Joplin area, officials there will let us know if they plan to release any of the animals to the Tri-State area.  A local Signature School student, Sierra Wilson has been coordinating the local effort.  If you'd like more info from her, you can contact her at 812-303-6863.


** Pixar’s "Cars 2" opens today to rare tepid reviews.  But even though the reviews aren’t great, we encourage you to make up your own mind about the film and let us know what you think about it Monday.

** We welcome newcomers Miles for Mom to the Extortion Breakfast this morning.  After a wonderfully prepared breakfast, Miles for Mom told us about their big run/walk coming up July 9 to benefit Gilda’s Club.  Here are the details-


Hello! My name is Kim Fields and my family and I have organized the second annual "Miles for Mom" 5k run/walk which will be held on Saturday, July 9th at Old National Bank on Main street downtown Evansville at 8:00am.  We started this race last year after losing my mom, Karen Conger, to pancreatic cancer.  She was diagnosed in September 2009 and lost her battle on January 1, 2010.  My mom was a very special person and was such a giving individual, which is why we felt the need to help others who were up against cancer.   There is no real treatment for pancreatic cancer once it has reached a certain stage or has spread, nor is there much support for patients and their families.  Gilda's Club is so important to us since it will help provide such support.  Gilda's Club Evansville will be a huge asset to our community and help so many people cope with living with cancer of any kind.  All of our proceeds from the race will to go to help open the doors to Gilda's Club Evansville. 

We welcome anyone who wants to run our race or walk it with their families.  Our event will be fun for the entire family.  We will have Margaritas on the Move there with slushie drinks for the kids, Hadi Funsters, Don Baggett the magician and Donut Bank cupcakes at the finish line.  Cupcakes are what makes our race complete.  My mom was known for her cupcakes!!  For details or register online, go to gerwc.com, click on race calendar and go to "Miles for Mom".

And a nugget from todays "Dish"--

It looks like Lindsay Lohan will not go to jail for failing an alcohol test, because she apparently didn't have to take one in the first place.

It turns out Lindsay's previous judge only ordered her to be tested for controlled substances from January 3rd through February 25th.  Lindsay didn't get off the hook completely, though.  The new judge scolded her for having parties while under house arrest.  She told Lohan that she was guilty of "extremely poor judgement" and ordered her to only have one friend over at a time.....NO PARTIES!

She also told Linday, "Don't give people a reason to hate you and don't do things that fly in the face of the court's order."

Culture Quiz for today:

Question: According to experts, people with low self-esteem do it in their cars more than other people. What?

Answer: Honk their horns!

Congrats to Bryant Mosbey of Evansville! He wins a breakfast combo from Subway and 2 tickets to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari!