WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Sept. 12th


**With the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we thought that the NFL really hit the right tone in their many tributes across the league yesterday. Perhaps none more moving than the ceremony before the Bears/Falcons game at Soldier Field in Chicago featuring the National Anthem sung by Jim Cornelison of the Blackhawks. It’s something that every American should see –



**We’d also like to thank Kathy Schoettlin of ONB for dropping by this morning to share her experiences from ten years ago when she was the public face of Evansville’s Chapter of the American Red Cross. It was a tough day for everyone, of course, but it seemed a little tougher for those whom we all looked to for answers.

**We also chatted with Pam Miller of WTVW-7 who shared a chilling story of how she sat next to one of the 9/11 terrorists just a couple of weeks before the attacks. She got confirmation that it was indeed the man who later flew the plane into the first Twin Tower from the Evansville office of the FBI.

**We’d like to thank everyone for supporting the very first 100 Men Cook for 100 Women, a fund raiser sponsored by Old National Bank and WIKY at the Centre Saturday evening to benefit the 100th anniversary of Evansville YWCA. 100 local guys got together Saturday and presented 100 different dishes that everyone spent the evening sampling. Highlights of the evening included DJB’s pasta salad that was carefully supervised by Mrs. DJB, Diane’s hubby, Jeff Thompson’s wonderful smoked pork with homemade sauces and Mark Elliott’s delicious made-from-scratch cheesecakes! Look for this to be an annual event!

**And in the Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway – People on a diet say chips are the second hardest thing to give up…what’s #1? Cheese!