WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Sept. 7th

**The Women’s Hospital is having their 10th birthday and is throwing a party to celebrate!  It’s at the Vanderburgh County/4H Fairgrounds Saturday, September 10, 1 – 7 and it’s all FREE!  Inflatables, game, prizes, pony rides, kiddie tractor pulls, classic car cruise and a putting challenge where you could putt your way to &10,000!

 On the kiddie tractor pulls, a big thanks to Charlie English and his Facebook page


 Details for The Women’s Hospital Tenth Anniversary party at 812-842-4652 or



** Most teachers want the best for their students.  But some of the policies that schools have can actually be detrimental to your child's education.  Here's a list from Cracked.com of four beneficial activities they don't let kids do in school.

#1.)  Texting.  Kids can learn bad grammar from texting, because there's no pressure to use punctuation, or even full words.  But despite that fact, research has shown that texting actually IMPROVES language skills. 

 Basically, the better you are at texting, the better you are at writing.  And the earlier you start, the better. 

 #2.)  No Chewing Gum.  Teachers can't stand it when kids snap their gum.  But CHEWING gum could actually result in better grades.  It's been shown to help you focus, and it relieves tension.  The military even uses it to keep soldiers alert. 

 #3.)  No Fidgeting.  Studies have shown that fidgeting at your desk can burn up to 350 extra calories a day . . . which is the equivalent of a 30-minute jog.     

 #4.)  No Doodling.  Teachers think that if a kid is drawing in his notebook, he's not paying attention.  But the exact opposite might be true.  According to researchers, doodling keeps your brain active and keeps you more alert. 

 And if you DON'T doodle, you're more likely to get bored and lose interest in what the teacher is saying.

 **100 Men Cook for 100 Women, a fund raiser sponsored by Old National Bank and WIKY is coming to the Centre Saturday evening to benefit the 100th anniversary of Evansville YWCA.  100 local guys will get together Saturday and present 100 different dishes that you can spend the evening sampling.  Adult beverages will also be served so you have to be 21 or over.  Tickets are $100; corporate tables are still available at $800.  Details –


** Back on August 5th, 22 employees at the KraftMaid kitchen cabinet company in Jefferson, Ohio won a Mega Millions lottery jackpot worth $99 million.  And for the past eight years, 39-year-old Edward Hairston has paid five dollars a month to participate in the company's lottery pool. 

 He's worked at the company in for 14 years . . . but he hurt his back earlier this year, went on medical leave, and didn't make his monthly payment in June, July, or August. 

 And when his co-workers landed the jackpot, Edward decided that as a longtime member of the lottery pool, he was entitled to an equal share of the money.   

 Edward admits that he was $15 behind in his monthly payments, but he says in the past the group has set aside money from smaller winnings to cover for people . . . including one co-worker who was out for five months.   

 Last week, a judge set aside $2 million of the jackpot, which COULD be Edward's share, depending on the outcome of a trial that starts in December. 

 Two other people played up through July and missed out on the jackpot too.  But they haven't complained or filed suit . . . yet.   

 ** According to a new study, mothers spend an average of 1,168 MORE HOURS parenting per year than fathers.

The average mother says she spends about 7.5 hours a day on parenting tasks.  The average father spends 4.3 hours.  That 3.2-hour difference calculates out to 1,168 hours per year . . . or almost 49 days. 

 The survey also found that 70% of working moms say they have less than an hour to themselves per day.  And 20% say they have less than 15 minutes. 

 **And in the Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway – it’s the #1 fake name used when ordering pizza over the past 10 years – what name?  Paris Hilton!

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