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Play the Culture Quiz every day at 8:20am with Dennis Jon Bailey and Diane Douglas. This week you can win a pair of tickets to The Really Big Show, Feb. 14th at the Old National Events Plaza!

Monday, Jan. 26th

In the U.S. they're produced at a rate of 13,500 per hour. What?

Answer: Puppies!

Winner:  Darrin Lloyd of Evansville, IN!

Tuesday, Jan. 27th

74% of Americans say it's the worst part of their job. What?

Answer:  Their boss!

Winner: Tom Shoulders of Evansville, IN!

Wednesday, Jan. 28th

Only 5% of American homes don't have it in the kitchen. What?

Answer:  Ketchup!

Winner: Debbie Englert of Evansville, IN!

Thursday, Jan. 29th

Once we start, only 1/3 of us actually finish this task.  What?

Answer: An online purchase!

Winner: Ron Baker of Evansville, IN!

Friday, Jan. 23rd

On average, it takes about 5 1/2 hours to do this. What?

Answer: Read a book!

Winner: Scott Denny of Evansville, IN!