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Monday, Oct. 27th

Industry experts agree the color red should never be used to advertise this product. What?

Answer: Ice Cream!

Winner:  Patty Eble of Evansville, IN!

Tuesday, Oct. 28th

On average, we spend 1 hour, 26 minutes every week doing this.  What?

Answer: Shop for groceries!

Winner:  Debbie Havel of Evansville, IN!

Wednesday, Oct. 29th

52% of parents think you should do this for your kids, but 30% think it's a terrible idea. What?

Answer:  Let them win at board games!

Winner: Linda Christman of Evansville!

Thursday, Oct. 30th

When asked "what's the most stressful thing you've ever experienced?" What's the #1 answer?

Answer: Buying or sellin a house!

Winner: Shannon Smith of Elberfeld, IN!

Friday, Oct. 24th

A recent study revealed there are about 38,000 towns in the U.S. that don't have one. What?

Answer: A traffic light!

Winner: Kurt Angermeier of Evansville, IN!