Local News Headlines

Disgustingly Filthy Home

Vanderburgh County officers say a mobile home on Fawn Lake Drive had such deplorable living conditions the three children living there were taken by authorities. Deputies say the home was filthy: covered in trash and filled with cockroaches, and a naked child was asleep on the floor. Outside, they found Donald Monarch sitting in his car "cutting himself." Wife Heather Monarch told them she had dealt with child services in Warrick County before. Donald and Heather Monarch were both arrested on three counts of neglect of a dependent.


Cooling Stations

The Red Cross is urging residents living without air conditioning to take precautions against the heat now. Cooling stations are open all over the Tri-State, through Friday from 10am-4pm. Locations include Red Cross offices in Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro, Princeton, Mount Vernon at Hedges Central Elementary School, Boonville at the Tri-Cap Building, and in Washington from 11 to 3 only through Thursday. A number of Red Cross partnering agencies & supporters will also have cooling stations open in 8 area counties.


Environmental plate successful - maybe grow in numbers

A new marketing campaign is aimed at getting more Indiana drivers to support land conservation efforts. The Indiana Heritage Trust launched the campaign to build awareness and increase sales of the Environmental License Plate. The artwork playfully position the plate as the "Protector of Indiana's Environment" and details what types of conservation efforts in Indiana benefit from plate sales.

The Playful Protector campaign comes on the heels of the Environmental Plate's 20th anniversary. The BMV has a new tag line: When you renew, choose blue.


Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Immigration

The Supreme Court has struck down key provisions of Arizona's crackdown on immigrants. But the court said Monday that one part of the law requiring police to check the status of someone they suspect is not in the United States legally could go forward. Even there, though, the justices said the provision could be subject to additional legal challenges. Legislators in several states, including Indiana, have been waiting for guidance from the Supreme Court on the issue.


Cops Storm Suspected Threat House

The Evansville Police Department took some on-line posts very seriously and stormed a house on Powell Street. Police spokesman Jason Cullum says the messages at Topics Dot Com were threatening officers and their families and said they didn't care if kids were home everybody would die. Cullum says the SWAT team served a warrant in the 600 block of Powell but they're were no arrests. They determined the people there at the time were not involved.


Man Hunt Ends in Illinois

The hunt for an alleged killer in western Kentucky ends in southern Illinois. Police say 41-year-old Billy C. Utley has been taken into custody at the Cave-In-Rock Motel. Illinois State Police received a tip, surrounded the motel with their SWAT team, and arrested Utley. Police say Utley's pregnant girlfriend was with him. He's accused of shooting his estranged wife in the parking lot of the Wheatcroft Fire Department in Webster County last (Tues) night. Investigators say Theresa Utley was found dead inside his vehicle.


Man Chased by Police

For some reason an Evansville man took off when cops tried to pull him over just after midnight this morning. Now John Lynxwiler has a host of charges piled on directly related to resisting a stop. An officer tried to pull Lynxwiler over for a traffic violation on Franklin near 9th at 12:10. He refused and officers took chase to the area of St. Joe Avenue and Wyoming. Lynxwiler left his vehicle in a yard and ran on foot until a K-9 unit collected him a short time later.


Talk to a Lawyer

A chance to get some free law advice on something that may be bugging you. Volunteer lawyers will be gathered in one place tomorrow, Thursday June 7th, taking calls from the public regarding legal questions and concerns. They take calls from 4:30 to 7pm. The telephone numbers are local and toll free. (812) 618-4845 and (888) 594-3449.

"Talk to a Lawyer" is co-sponsored by the Volunteer Lawyer Program of Southwestern Indiana, Evansville Bar Foundation and the Indiana Bar Foundation.


Earthcare late on loan payment

A firm that wanted to do business in part of what was Evansville's Whirlpool plant misses Friday's deadline for paying back part of a $200,000 loan from the city. Earthcare Energy was expected to pay about $8,000 to Metro Development. City Corporate Counsel Ted Ziemer says Earthcare has five days to make the June payment and avoid default.


Robbery Victim Faces Stiff Charges

A grand jury indicts a Vanderburgh County man who told sheriff's deputies he chased a group of armed robbers who had entered his home, resulting in a fatal crash. 47-year-old Ira Beumer faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery in connection with the February incident. Beumer told deputies four men robbed him at gunpoint at his home on Big Cynthiana Road. He says they took off in a car, and he chased them in his pickup truck.