T-S-A adds Pre-Check program to Indy airport

Indianapolis International Airport is one of two airports in the U-S which will be an enrollment site for an expanded version of the T-S-A Pre-Check program. T-S-A Administrator John Pistole announced Friday that this expansion will allow air travelers, including those who aren‘t frequent fliers, to be able to get through security screenings more quickly. Travelers will be able to go online, submit an application and then go to an enrollment site to provide fingerprints. The process, which includes a background check, should last two to three weeks. Upon approval, applicants will get a Known Traveler Number which they can use when booking flights so they are shown as low-risk passengers. Pistole says the expansion of the Pre-Check program allows the T-S-A to to focus on the travelers they know the least about while adding efficiency and effectiveness to the screening process.