WIKY Poll Shows Consolidation Misses

The Consolidation of Evansville and Vanderburgh County Governments is the first item on the ballot on Election Day. The divisive issue has been a hot topic of discussion for many years in the Evansville area. WIKY News conducted an informal poll on the initiative among likely voters and the results are in.

A purely random unscientific sampling of potential voters on a cold rainy November afternoon....

at areas around downtown Evansville at 5th and main and near Ford Center

A couple dozen people were asked a yes or no question about consolidation and those that understood the issue, because many didn't and they were not included in the poll...those that were clear on what was asked... WIKY News received 10 no's 6 yes's and 1 undecided. One young woman told me, her mother said never to talk to strangers. While this is not a conclusive study by any means it does give a sense of what a handful of voters are thinking hours before the election.