Hey Mom, I'm On the Radio!

WIKY introduces a new weekend program - "Hey Mom! I'm on the Radio!" Each Saturday morning, Tri State girls and boys age 7 to 15 can be a radio star with their own program. Your son or daughter (niece, grandchild or some kid in your neighborhood) can introduce songs, read the weather or shout out to their friends and family. We'll invite them into the station, give them a grand tour, take a picture behind the mic and make a recording of the show for you as a keepsake. If you think you know someone who is the next Dennis Jon Bailey or Diane Douglas, tell us about them. If we select them, you'll soon be hearing her or him on a Saturday morning soon on 104 FM WIKY. Enter today - the show will debut June 23rd.


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Saturday: 6:00AM - 10:00AM