Rick Allen

Rick Allen brings you great WIKY music for an hour each evening, getting you relaxed and ready for Love Songs with Delilah. His easygoing manner has made him a trusted friend to Evansvillians over the past 35 years. You also may have heard Rick's familiar voice on in-store and on-hold announcements in offices and businesses throughout the Tri-state.

Rick prides himself on his encyclopedic knowledge of music (go ahead, try to stump him with one of those "what song is that?" questions) and his college basketball armchair expertise (Go Big Blue!) Given the opportunity, he will also bore you with the story of how he won a statewide arm-wrestling title in his youth (due to a blizzard, none of the other contestants could make it to the site, so he won by default.) 

Whether you're heading home, working late, or getting an early start on the evening, Rick hopes you can join him each weeknight at 6:00 on 104fm WIKY.

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