WIKY and Kruckemeyer & Cohn Secret Santa 2012


1. South Central Media dba WIKY RADIO and Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelers are giving away a gift card valued at $2500. Listeners will be encouraged to search the WIKY RADIO immediate listening area for the “Secret Santa” to win the gift card. The Secret Person holds the “key” to the prize. The “key” is a winner’s letter (on station letterhead and signed by WIKY RADIO management) that contains a phone number the contestant has to call, with a password to confirm the Secret Person has been found.

2. The prize is a gift card provided by Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelers.  The value of the card is $2,500. 

3. The WIKY RADIO listening area is defined by the Arbitron Metro Market definition (Vanderburgh, Warrick and Posey counties in Indiana and Henderson County in Kentucky).

4. Different clues will be given out beginning December 10, 2012.  Each weekday during the WIKY Morning Show a new clue will be announced on air and may or may not be repeated a number of times on air at WIKY’s discretion. Additional clues may be made available in media such as text messaging to cell phones as announced on and at the discretion of WIKY Radio.  Plus an additional clue will be offered at Kruckemeyer & Cohn, 944 North Burkhardt Road Evansville during regular business hours.  Bonus clues will be available online at WIKY.com. To receive bonus clues individuals must be in the WIKY Loyal Listener Club and be logged on. Clues will not be provided over the phone or in reply to request via mail or email.

5. In order for a contestant to win they must discern the location or identity of the WIKY RADIO Secret Person, then approach this individual, and say, (verbatim), “Are you the WIKY Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelers Secret Santa because I want that gift card?” If it is one of the Secret persons, the contestant will be given the “key” – which is a winner’s letter on station letterhead and signed by WIKY RADIO management that contains a phone number and a secret password. To claim the gift card, the contestant must call the number, and when prompted, repeat the password. To receive the prize (gift card), the winner will be required to present 2 forms of I.D. at the WIKY RADIO Studios, located at 1162 Mt Auburn Road, Evansville, Indiana, 47720, at a pre-arranged time agreeable to the winner and WIKY.

6. The question has to be asked directly, in person, and in close physical proximity, to the individual the listener believes to be The WIKY RADIO Secret Person. If that individual is The WIKY RADIO Secret Person and has been questioned with an acceptable question listed above, they will answer “yes”, and that contestant will, subject to complying with these Terms and Conditions in full, win the gift card!

7. In the event that more than one person approaches and correctly questions The WIKY RADIO Secret Person, the winner of the gift card will be the person who asks first. If more than one person correctly asks at EXACTLY the same time, the gift card will be awarded by random drawing.  All decisions as to which person has correctly questioned The WIKY RADIO Secret Person first or which persons have correctly questioned The WIKY RADIO Secret Person at the same time will be at the absolute discretion of The WIKY RADIO Secret Person and no correspondence or discussions will be entertained. The WIKY RADIO Secret Person’s decision is final.

8. No person who approaches and/or questions The WIKY RADIO Secret Person will be answered truthfully or will win a prize if any of the following apply:

    • The Secret Person is traveling in private transport (car or truck)

    • The Secret Person is in a private residence.

    • That person asking is ineligible to enter.

9. There is one person who has been appointed and nominated by WIKY RADIO as The WIKY Secret Santa. WIKY RADIO may at its absolute discretion at any time replace The WIKY RADIO Secret Person with another person selected by WIKY RADIO.

10. WIKY RADIO does not guarantee the safety of participants in this contest. By participating, contestants agree that WIKY RADIO will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind suffered by participants as a result in whole or in part, directly or indirectly relating to this contest. WIKY RADIO is not responsible for the negligence of the contestants.

11. The person representing the “Secret Person” will be actively participating in the contest beginning December 10, 2012 and ends either December 17, 2012 or the gift card has been claimed prior to the end date.

12. Winners are solely responsible for all taxes, duties, and/or other costs that may be associated with the winning of a prize.

13. Each clue will pertain directly or indirectly to the Secret Person’s identity or location, but will not lead participants away from the Secret Person.

14. The WIKY RADIO Secret Person will be easy to access and/or approach. Any one participant found searching on private land, or using private land to access or gain unfair advantage to the WIKY RADIO Secret Person, will be immediately disqualified. Anyone participating in the contest must follow the rules of the contest, as well as the rules and regulations of the locations where they may seek out the Secret Person.

15. No destruction of private or public property is necessary to find the Secret Person. No risk-taking is required to locate the Secret Person.

16. WIKY RADIO may at any time during the promotion and in its absolute discretion, terminate or suspend the competition.

17. All decisions made by the monitors and judges appointed by WIKY RADIO WILL BE FINAL!

18. The winner of the competition will be required to take part in all publicity activity associated with the promotion, including, but not limited to, phone calls, Radio, TV, or press interviews, etc., for the duration of the promotion and any time thereafter where there is publicity associated with the promotion.

19. By participating, the winner agrees not to engage in any negative interviews or make any disparaging comments or statements about WIKY RADIO, Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelers, their employees or associates. By accepting the prize, the winner grants permission to WIKY RADIO to use his or her name, photograph, voice, and likeness for the use in advertising and/or publicity.

20. Any winner or contestant agrees to assist WIKY RADIO in the conduct of any investigation deemed necessary or appropriate to determine the legitimacy of the contestant’s fair play. This includes, but is not limited to attending interviews and full disclosure of relationship the contestant may have with the person identified as the WIKY RADIO SECRET PERSON.

21. Employees and immediate family members of South Central Radio Group and their affiliates are not eligible to participate in this contest.

22. No purchase of any kind is necessary to win.

23. The rights of WIKY RADIO, under these rules and regulations, will not be prejudiced or restricted by any indulgent forbearance extended to a winner or contestant and no waiver by WIKY RADIO in respect of any breach (actual or these rules and regulations will operate as a waiver in respect of any subsequent breach.)

24. The interpretation of these and all other rules relating to the contests or promotions sponsored by WIKY RADIO, is reserved exclusively to WIKY RADIO. All decisions shall be final, unless otherwise decided by WIKY RADIO.

25. In all matters, all decisions of WIKY RADIO staff will be final and cannot be contested. No correspondence or discussions will be entertained.

26. WIKY RADIO reserves the right to amend these rules without notice.


The following rules apply in all contests or promotions sponsored by WIKY RADIO, which is owned and operated by South Central Media. By participating in any such contests or promotions, listeners agree to be bound by these rules. In addition, particular contests or promotions may have rules that are specific to those contests or promotions. If the particular rules for a specific contest or promotion conflict with the following general rules, the particular rules will control.

 WIKY General Contest Rules


1. Dates/Terms/Eligibility: WIKY (the "Station") may change the dates and/or terms of the Contest without prior notice. Any material changes will be broadcast on the Station and/or posted on its website. The Contest is open to legal US residents residing in the WIKY listening area as defined above. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Employees or agents of South Central Media radio stations, any other radio or television stations in the WIKY listening area or any entity associated with the Contest, as well as members of the same household of any such employee or agent, may not participate.

2. Prizes: Only one winner or qualifier per household per 30 days on, WIKY Radio, for prizes valued under $600 dollars. After winning a prize valued over $1000, winner must wait one full year before they are eligible to win another prize over $600. All sales, prize and other taxes, gratuities and any other incidentals associated with the prize are the sole responsibility of the prizewinner. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and may not be substituted, except by sponsors for reasons of unavailability. In which case, a prize of equal or greater value will be awarded.  WIKY Radio assumes no responsibility or liability for damages loss or injury resulting from acceptance or use of the prize.  WIKY Radio is not responsible for replacing tickets in the event of show cancellations as a result of weather, promoter or performer.


3. Conditions/Restrictions:

  • Each winner will be required to produce identification satisfactory to the Station.
  • Each winner will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and release, including a publicity release, as prepared by the Station prior to receiving their prize.
  • Each winner will be responsible for any taxes or fees that result from the receipt and/or use of their prize.
  • The Contest is void where prohibited by law.
  • Anyone using fraudulent means to participate and/or win the Contest will be disqualified.
  • WIKY Radio is not responsible for errors, problems or delays in the mail or telephone systems that may prevent callers or entries from reaching WIKY Radio.
  • Decisions of the WIKY Radio judges are final. All contest entries will become the property of WIKY Radio.


4. Release and Indemnification: In exchange for the right to participate in the Contest, each participant agrees to release and indemnify the Station, and its officers, directors, agents, parent companies, subsidiaries and employees (the "Released Parties"), from any and all claims, demands and/or causes of action of any nature or kind whatsoever, whether presently known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, that arise out of the participant's participation in the Contest.


5. The interpretation of these and all other rules relating to contests or promotions sponsored by WIKY RADIO is reserved exclusively to WIKY RADIO. Its decisions shall be final.