WIKY Wants You To Know - October

WIKY, Lappe Heating & A/C, and Insulpro Want You To Know



Lappe's Heating & Air wants you to be fully prepared for winter!  There are some simple things you can do this fall to make sure you are completley ready for the winter cold!

Fall Service Tips from Lappe Heating & A/C:
1.      Have your furnance inspected and cleaned for superior efficiency
2.      A faulty furnance can still operate causing carbon monoxide to get into the home
3.      Venting of older furnaces needs to be checked to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning


Window treatments - You can put up thermal curtain that cn cut down on engergy loss and keep your house wamer.

Programmable thermostats can turn the heat up during times you are home, and decrease the heat when you are at work or not home.  This small change could save you money on your energy bill.

Clean and store outdoor furniture - Don't let the weather ruin this year's outdoor furniture. Clean it and stick it away so it's ready for next summer's fun.

Drain and store garden hoses - Just a little water in a hose left out in the winter can freeze and ruin the hose.

Inspect trees for low hanging branches that are too close to your roof or that may interfere with power lines - When those winter storms come along, those branches could break and do damage that you weren't expecting.

Check windows and doors for air leaks - An easy way to see if there is a leak in a window is to take a lighted candle around the edge of the windows, doors and moldings. If the flame blows out or flickers, you might have an air leak.

Install storm windows and doors and get rid of screens - label each screen so you can replace them easier and quicker next season.

Have chimney and chimney furnace inspected and cleaned - Make sure your chimney is safe and having it routinely cleaned can decrease the chance of a fire.

Have furnace checked for maintenance and make sure its in working order - Don't wait!